2020 GSU-RFS Fintech Conference

February 28-29, 2020 | Buckhead Center of Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA


In recent years, FinTech, or financial technology, has been rapidly developing and reshaping business practices and the financial services industry. This has generated significant interest in advancing academic research in this important area. Following the success of the inaugural conference in 2019, the Department of Finance and the Center for the Economic Analysis of Risk (CEAR) at Georgia State University, together with the Review of Financial Studies (RFS) will jointly host a second annual conference on Current Research in FinTech.

The RFS provided submitting authors with the opportunity for a dual-submission option. The conference program consists of 12 papers covering new and emerging topics in FinTech. We hope to bring researchers active in these fields together, facilitate communications on frontier research, and advance further studies.

Keynote Speaker

Robert M. Townsend is a theorist, macroeconomist, and development economist who analyzes the role and impact of economic organization and financial systems through applied general equilibrium models, contract theory and the use of micro data. The Elizabeth and James Killian Professor of Economics at MIT,(link is external) he is known for his seminal work on costly state verification, the revelation principle, optimal multi-period contracts, decentralization of economies with private information, models of money with spatially separated agents, forecasting the forecasts of others, and insurance and credit in developing countries.

Townsend is also a Distinguished Research Fellow at the Becker Friedman Institute for Research in Economics at the University of Chicago and a Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economics

Program Chairs

Georgia State University

Georgia State University

Sponsoring Editors of the RFS

Duke University

University of Pennsylvania

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